Die Worte “Iss auf!” kennen die Kinder in Somalia nicht

Unser Kollege Steve McDonald aus Melbourne, Australien, ist in Somalia. Steve ist selbst Vater von zwei Kindern. In seinem Blog erzählt er von den vielen Mädchen und Jungen, die vom Hungertod bedroht sind:

Delivering aid into Somalia has never been easy, and no more so than now. Yet, here I am, in Somalia, trying to find out what the situation is really like for children living here, and to see how we can better assist. Earlier this week I witnessed Save the Children staff, hard-working Somalis, delivering urgently needed supplies that will help prevent more children and their families suffering from the debilitating effects of malnutrition. This is work that is about saving lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives.

My own children are two and five years-old, the same age as many of the children I meet. My children live a comfortable life in suburban Melbourne. These children do not.  Their camp is a barren wasteland, with only a handful of latrines, and dirty water to drink.  I am shown the area we use to distribute supplies to the camp, where mothers and children have to stand for hours in the hot unforgiving sun to receive their meagre rations.
In this area we are trying to feed 24,000 malnourished children, and across the whole of Somalia almost seventy thousand. In other parts of the country we are also distributing basic materials such as tarpaulins to help protect them from the sun and the rain.
Whilst my own children argue with their mother and I about finishing their meals each evening, these children would face hunger and death if it wasn’t for Save the Children’s work. And still it is not enough. The rains have arrived in some parts of the country, but not all, and where I am today the ground is baked hard, and the river beds are dry. Yet when the rains do come, they will bring with them flooding and disease. We are also trying to prepare for what we know is going to be an even harder year.

There are hundreds of thousands of children who face hunger and death across Somalia, and despite what you hear in the news about security and access, agencies such as Save the Children are here working hard to prevent the crisis from worsening.
Make no mistake about, Somalia is the heart of the food crisis in the Horn of Africa, a region where up to 12 million people are at risk of severe hunger and death.  The more we can do to assist the Somalis, the less they will need to flee across borders putting further pressure on neighbouring countries already struggling with drought themselves.
Our goal is to reach over 300,000 people across Somalia with lifesaving food, water, medical care, as well as education and safe spaces for recovering children, but we still do not have enough funding despite the severity of the situation.
Somalia may have many problems, but there is hope, and today I saw it in the eyes of the children we are helping to live through the current crisis. We can give hope and aid to many more children across the country, but we can only do this with your support.


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